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Projects  //  Urana Street

My exhibition entitled 'Illuminate' opened on Thursday 3rd September 2015. It is a series of light-painted portraits of residents from the troubled Villawood East Public Housing Estate around Urana Street in Western Sydney. I was very fortunate to be able to partner with theprogressive community arts organisation ICE (Information Cultural Exchange) and Woodville Alliance. Big thanks go to Christian Tancred for his solid support throughout the entire 9 month period from inception to completion.

'Illuminate' was a volunteer project where I sought to produce positive outcomes for the participants by creating photographic portraits that exist outside of usual stereotypes. Working within the simplicity of a darkened room, the intention of these photos has been to allow the subjects to inhabit an otherworldly environment and therefore provide an opportunity for self-reflection and imagination. Since the launch I have been monitoring outcomes and so far there has been clear benefits for the subjects themselves as well as an increase in community goodwill. There has been significant interest in the local media, including three features in local papers; The Torch, the Fairfield Advocate and the Fairfield Champion. Also I have been invited to partake in several community radio interviews. 

I have always felt that the process of light painting can have positive outcomes in the area of art therapy. This project essentially was an exploration of that idea. If you would like to discuss ways that my light painting work may have a positive impact on people with special needs I would be happy to discuss ideas. You can email me