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Aboriginal rock engravings still exist in Sydney, despite the past 220 years of European occupation. Sydney's soft sandstone platforms allowed for unusually large depictions of marine life, animals and other dreamtime figures. When the British arrived in 1788, they sailed into an art gallery of over 10,000 Aboriginal rock engravings. Estimates are that about 2,000 sites remain today. 

According to Dr Peter Stanbury and John Clegg who wrote the definitive field guide to Sydney’s Aboriginal rock engravings, many of these intriguing art sites remain easily accessible, but are seldom visited or understood.  "No other city in the world has in its environs such a rich prehistoric heritage - so many records made before the written word” write Stanbury and Clegg. "The engravings speak of a culture of whose richness we catch only a fleeting impression as we sit in stillness observing this art."

In 2006 I began to explore ways to respectfully record these important sites using small lights. This series is a work in progress.