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I regard these public light events as community art experiences. I encourage participation from members of the public, adults and kids alike, by issuing a variety of coloured lights and encouraging them to explore the magic of light.

The value of these events is that people become physically immersed in the light experience. They are the creators of these art works. As the visiting artist I see my role as the facilitor of other people's art experience.

A good example was the hugely successful ‘Field of Orbs’ project I undertook in Centennial Park. The event was commissioned by Inspiration Australia to create a light-inspired artwork. It involved enlisting 100 orb spinners.

You can see the stunning 1 minute video from the night here: VIDEO

The Sydney Morning Herald ran a story by Jacqui Taffel about the event on Saturday 8th August. See link here: NEWSPAPER ARTICLE

The event itself brought over 500 people through the gates of Centennial Park on the night. There were the 100 registered orb spinners, 200 amateur photographers and over 200 spectators. The bonus promotional benefit was the huge social media kick-on effect, as hundreds of photographers posted their images onto Facebook and Instagram etc. 

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I have since worked with councils around Australia on community festivals. 

See some local newspaper coverage here : NEWS STORY

I have run events at both the 2016 and 2017 Cairns Festival. This is a testimonial: "I rarely encounter an artist with such generosity; to share their skills and experience in a highly technical process to the extent that the resulting artwork becomes so genuinely owned by the community". Chris Stannard, Curator, Cairns Festival.  

I welcome any inquiries from people who may like me to mount such an event for their community. You can email me here:

Below are some images from recent events.