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I create workshops and creative light events for schools.

I tailor my workshops to meet the required outcomes of teachers. Kids love playing with light, and it is a great way to develop their imagination and creative expression. It also helps them to understand the fundamentals of photography which is all about the capture of light.

I run structured workshops for different age groups.

I can also guide students to create light-inspired art performances for school festivals etc using my range of specialist light tools. In addition to the pleasure and learning experience students can get from these activities the school also gets some memorable images to share with parents, the community and on social media.

Upon request I can forward a flyer which lists a set of options available to suit the needs of different schools. Just email me:

In 2015 I created light events at Newtown North Public School's annual Art Show, Glenwood High School's art week and Daceyville Public School's 2015 Creative Life Festival.

So far in 2016 I have worked with St Clare's College and Danebank Anglican School running light painting workshops at Cockatoo Island. I have also run two masterclasses with students at Gosford High School, and workshops for year 10 students at Marsden High and Cranbrook School.


"Thank you once again for an extraordinary workshop! The Cranbrook boys were so impressed of what they learned in one evening. This one event had a huge impact on developing their camera skills! Some boys said it was their school highlight for 2016!"

Kind regards, Julian Wrigley, Visual Arts Teacher, Cranbrook School 7.11.2016

 "Thank you so much for the Cockatoo Island workshop. It was really inspiring! The girls had so much fun and absolutely loved your ideas and techniques. They did not stop talking about it the next day, it was their camp highlight!"

Sophie Langford, Creative Arts Teacher, Danebank Anglican School 30.4.2016

"Peter Solness has opened my eyes to more options in photography. His creativity and passion in light painting made for an amazing class where we learned so much about the cameras we used and how light interacts with our world. Going home, I couldn’t wait to try making my own photos and give a new life to ordinary objects that had been overlooked in the dark."

Callista Gosford High School  25.5.2016

"Peter’s workshops were a way for us to engage our students, especially our boys, in the possibilities of continuing art into Year 12. As a selective school it is often difficult to encourage students to see the study of the creative arts as a worthy endeavour. Peter was able to share his professional experience with our kids, presenting to them in a tangible way the notion that creativity  and art is a  viable career path post school."

Wendy Mortimer, Head teacher, Creative and Performing Arts, Gosford High School 25.5.2016